Sibley Entertainment Announces Events in The Maldives and St. Lucia

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Sibley Entertainment Company, LLC, has announced it will move forward with two additional events to close out fiscal year 2022.  In October the company will host a six night event in The Maldives.  Due to the length of travel, the company will change the format slightly to provide a third off day.  The event will feature long time photographer, PerfectlyFlawlessPhoto, six models, and a make-up artist.  The event will take place at one of the leading resorts, featuring the popular over-water bungalows.  The company will look to contract models providing premium content, only available to eyes in our highest membership levels.  The event will require a record fourty-five thousand dollar contribution from the company, and will require very high selection criteria when it comes to selecting models.

The final destination event of 2022 will take place in St. Lucia in December.  The event will feature three prominent photographers, 12 paid models, and a make-up artist.  The event will take place in two separate water front mansions.  More information will be released as the event draws closer.

On Monday May 2nd, the company began accepting applications for all remaining 2022 events. Applications for The Maldives event will be accepted until Monday May 23rd. Models are able to apply for our St. Lucia event until July 1st. 

We look forward to providing the finest all expenses paid vacation possible! 

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