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Interested in working with us?  Imagine laying out on the beach with your drink of choice.  The sound of waves crashing ashore.    Imagine not needing a single dollar the entire time.  That's what it's like working for us!  Get paid to go on awesome trips!  Check out our past events, Hall of Fame Models, and then apply today!

Learn about our past events, and get ready for future events!  From the Bahamas to the Virgin Islands, and Phoenix to Orlando, Bayou Babes is the industry leader with a strong commitment to Excellence in Events!

The Bayou Babes Hall of Fame is reserved for models and photographers that deserve special recognition for their contributions to the brand.  Eight people are nominated each year, and four are inducted by our members.

Are you a female at least eighteen years of age, and interested in attending one of our events?  If photo shoots and events aren't your thing, submit your content for purchase!  That's right, we'll buy it!  Submit an application to get started!

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