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The Founding - David Cadwallader, Michael Brazil, & Michael Sibley

Hall of Fame Inductees 2021

These three gentleman are the three original founders of the failed apparel "giant" Stupid Cock Apparel, Inc. and eventually, Stupid Cock Production Company, LLC.  Stupid Cock Productions held its first ever Photo Shoot back in 2011.  Those images can still be found on this website.  When Sibley Entertainment Company, LLC, bought Stupid Cock Productions, it searched for a new identity.  The options were Bayou Babes, Bayou Bombshells, Bayou Belles, and a few other interesting names.  Bayou Babes had been a one and done reality show featuring several Louisiana ladies.  The naming and website rights were pretty expensive.  Sibley wanted to go with Bayou Belles, while Brazil, and Cadwallader went Bayou Babes on a 2-1 over-ruling.  So these two gentlemen are the actual founders of Bayou Babes.  Sibley vehemently opposed  The company eventually struck a 3 year $13,000 deal to purchase beginning in 2018.  Bayou Babes would not have existed without the input of Mr. Cadwallader and Mr. Brazil.  These two gentlemen are permanent members of the Board of Directors.  We very much hope to see these guys at a Bayou Babes event in 2022.