Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Bayou Babes seems to be good to be true.  How are you able to put on such amazing trips?

Our entire business model is centered around making our events as model friendly as possible.  We only make money off content.  We only select models that provide as good as, or better than content than they have on their VIP website (and their photographers VIP website)!  Don't pay to work for someone else, and don't work for free!  Experience Excellence instead! You'll get a free vacation to exotic locations around the world, and you'll be paid!  All we want we need, is the best content you've ever produced!

How are models selected?

It is extremely important for models to select exactly what content they've created in the past, and exactly what content they're willing to produce for us.  There are several steps we take in selecting a model.  Similar to the hiring process of HR, our Scouting Department will determine if a model meets our standards.  They'll then reach out to our partners, search share forums, vet her photographers VIP websites, vet her VIP website, and finally check competitive websites.  If our scouting department thinks we can at least break even on the content you've selected, you're likely to be chosen to attend an event.

I only have 2,000 followers, do I have a shot?

Yes!  We aren't like everyone else!  The amount of followers you have will probably be the last thing we look at.  We can build your following!  The most important question we ask is, "Are we getting the very best content the model has ever produced?".  If that answer is yes, we're going to be very interested.

I've applied for every event, why haven't I been selected?

We strongly suggest you always apply for every event!  We usually get 300-600 applications for each event, but only have 10 spots available.  Eventually, we'll work with everyone, but we have limited spots at the moment.  What we're looking for varies by event.  Our Owner's Club members request certain types of content, and also request certain models.  Their requests are very highly valued by management.

I'm worried my content may leak, or someone I know may try to find what I shoot.  Can you help?

We're very protective of our content.  We deploy state of the art content protection methods on our website.  We can't go into detail here, but if you're shooting rare content for the Owner's Club, we can guarantee it won't leak.  Any content in our Owner's Club and/or Owner's Club Elite tiers are guaranteed by leak protection of up to $5,000 in payments per year.  It is our policy to never speak of content in the Owner's Club Elite Tier, and those members sign non-disclosure agreements.

Why do you offer paid attendance?

Update: We no longer offer paid attendance.  Only models that are selected through the application process on this website can be selected.


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