March 2017 - Current

Baton Rouge, LA (2017)

Jeston made his Bayou Babes debut in March of 2017 in Baton Rouge, LA.

Miami, FL (2018)

Jeston returned for his second photo shoot in Miami, Florida in August of 2017.

The Bahamas (2019)

Jeston returned for our first international event in Long Island, The Bahamas.

Scottsdale, AZ (2019)

Jeston was the featured photograher at our Scottsdale, AZ event in 2019.

Dallas, TX (2020)

Jeston returned for his fifth Bayou Babes event in Dallas, TX in May of 2020.

Tulum, Mexico (2022)

Jeston returned for our March 2022 Mega-Event in Tulum, Mexico.

Jeston Brandon (PerfectlyFlawlessPhoto)

Hall of Fame Inductee 2021

Jeston Brandon was inducted into the Bayou Babes Hall of Fame in November of 2021.  Jeston has been instrumental in the growth of the brand through his vision.  Prior to 2018, Bayou Babes had been a regional brand featuring only Louisiana based models.  Jeston suggested at some point in 2018 that the company start trying to hire national models through events that were so model friendly, they couldn't say no.  To this day, that's how we get the best models, shooting the best content.  Jeston's vision is not the only reason he is held in such high regard by management.  The company has worked with all of the top photographers, all around the world.  Every photographer has an angle that benefits them, and their muses.  Jeston's only angle has always been, what's best for the business, and how do we make it more successful.

Fun Facts:

In March of 2019 a group of 10 set out for Bayou Babes' first ever international event in Long Island, The Bahamas.  Story has it that Jeston told Mike he has one rule, no propeller planes.  Everyone had flown into Nassau throughout the day from all over the United States and Canada.  The group met at the bar in the airport for drinks.  The same guy that printed the tickets, and took the bags, also came to get the group at the bar.  It was time to fly.  The group went to board a beautiful 12 seat propeller plane.  The look on Jeston's face was priceless!  No TSA, no security, no cockpit door...Just get on the plane and fly!  Touching down on the exotic island with just a dirt landing strip was quite an interesting experience.

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